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"Today, I woke up to the smell of bacon. It smelled so good, and made me very hungry.
Then I realized it was my neighbor cooking. I have no money or bacon. FML"

"Today, my dog nearly died when my mom fed him chocolate.
After finding out dogs are not supposed to eat chocolate, she promptly grounded me for not telling her. FML"

"Today, during my boyfriend's family reunion, I started my period but didn't have any tampons. I asked my boyfriend to ask his mom if she had any. I sat on the toilet waiting, then heard him loudly ask his whole family "Does anybody have a tampon my girlfriend can have?" FML"

"Today, my son told me he was afraid of monsters under his bed. When I poked my head under to show him nothing was there, the family cat sprang out and clawed me in the face. Now I have a gash on my chin, and my son refuses to go anywhere near his bed. FML"

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Postat av: veronica

sv: Tack så mycket :)

2011-11-25 @ 22:54:29
URL: http://veronicatafjord.blogg.se/
Postat av: haidisblog ▲

SVAR: hihi vad kul att du är med i dagens blogg :D håll tummarna att det är du som vinner ;) kika in imorgon!

2011-11-25 @ 23:36:51
URL: http://haidisblog.se/
Postat av: XTIO

hahaha bra att du tycker det. :P

2011-11-26 @ 00:48:31
URL: http://xtio.nu
Postat av: Beatrice


Om du/ni läser min blogg ofta och tycker att den är bra, gilla den då på facebook!


2011-11-26 @ 10:57:45
URL: http://beahedvind.blogg.se/
Postat av: MARIA - mode, outfits & inspiration

Haha måste gå in på den där hemsidan!

sv: åh, tack! :) kram!

2011-11-26 @ 13:03:41
URL: http://mmiaas.blogg.se/

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